March 2010

A total of 84 species were sighted in March, 2 for the first time, raising the total count from 198 to 200.

The middle of May is a time when many water birds migrate, with species that have wintered in the wetlands setting off for their breeding grounds in northern Europe and the first migrants from Africa arriving on their journey north. So in March we saw a number of species (12) with lower populations than in January, and also made the first sightings of the garganey. It is also worth noting that we sighted six members of the ferruginous duck species.

Large populations of Mediterranean gulls and little gulls were seen on their way to their breeding grounds in northern Europe. The highest concentrations were seen in Gerani, where at least 940 and 700 individual birds of these species, respectively, were seen on 19th March.

As for waders, we had the first arrivals of migratory species such as the black-winged stilt, the little ringed plover and the ruff. Another important sighting was of the little crake, in the wetland reeds.

In the sea there were frequent sightings of small flocks of black-throated divers and great crested grebes.

There was a rich variety of passerines, including the first migratory species such as the swallow, house martin, hoopoe and subalpine warbler. One of the highlights of the period was the sighting of two adult great spotted cuckoos.

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