13 May 2014


Celebrating the World Migratory Bird Day in the Sani Wetlands (11 May 2014)

The WMBD was celebrated in the Natura 2000 protected area of Sani wetlands with two special bird watching tours.

The tour gave to the participants the chance to see the most important habitats for the wildlife of the Sani wetland area, as well as many of its inhabitants, with the birds having the first role!

After passing the sand dunes and crossing the Pine forest, full of bird sounds (Chaffinches, Goldfinches, Great Tits, Flycatchers, Turtle Doves, Blackbirds, Sardinian Warblers, Shrikes and many more) we reached the freshwater lake Stavronikita in order to watch its migratory bird species with binoculars and telescopes. Little Egrets, Purple Herons, Squacco Herons, Coots, Shelducks, Pochards, Black-winged Stilts were present, along with Marsh Harriers, Kestrels and Buzzards. The most important observation of the day was eight Glossy Ibises flying upon the wetlands towards their rousting sites.

Bird migration in the Sani wetlands is a real celebration!

Christos Serafeimidis

Sani Resort Eco-guide

WMBD_2014_Sani_RoulaTrigou (7)WMBD_2014_Sani_RoulaTrigou (4)WMBD_2014_Sani_RoulaTrigou (8)

Plegadis falcinellus_GiorgosAlexandrs_ORNIHOLOGIKIWMBD_2014_Sani_RoulaTrigou (2)WMBD_2014_Sani_RoulaTrigou (3)

1_WMBD_2014_Sani_RoulaTrigou (6)WMBD_2014_Sani_RoulaTrigou (1)2_WMBD_2014_Sani_RoulaTrigou (5)


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