10 September 2013


As I went for a bird watching tour in lake Stavronikitas last evening, I came across an unexpected but beautiful surprise. Pink flamingos (Phoenicopterus roseus) are the newest guests of honor in Lake Stavronikitas!

These exotic birds that can be often seen standing on one leg, will be staying at the Sani Wetlands until April according to the Hellenic Ornithological Society.

It is a unique chance for nature lovers to visit the wetlands and observe these beautiful birds.

Sani Resort offers the opportunity to its guests to admire the birds and the unique biodiversity of the area, by following one of the suggested routes to the wetlands. For this activity, Sani Resort in association with “Action for Wildlife”, a Greek NGO, protects the wildlife of the area through an admirable program. In addition, Sani Resort offers to the guests participating in this activity, a free deluxe edition of the book “Sani Wetlands: a Bird’s Sanctuary”.

Chistos Serafimidis, Sani Resort Eco-guide

flamingos flying flamingos sani

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