July 2013

Sani Resort in collaboration with the Hellenic Ornithological Society, has completed the placement OF the new “Sani Wetland” signs in strategic points along the path leading to the Sani Wetlands.

This action is part of the Sani Wetlands project and our partnering with Hellenic Ornithological Society: All signs include information for the area and its importance, the birds and other habitats of the wetlands, the birds-visitors during the 4 seasons, the forest, the sand dunes and how guests can enjoy the area without harming it. We are very proud of this new installment because  the signs are NOT ONLY very informative, but they also match the surroundings beautifully.

Chistos Serafimidis, Sani Resort Eco-guide


Sani_signboards_07.2013_RoulaTrigou_HOS (2)  Sani_signboards_07.2013_RoulaTrigou_HOS (9)   Sani_signboards_07.2013_RoulaTrigou_HOS (14) Sani_signboards_07.2013_RoulaTrigou_HOS (15) Sani_signboards_07.2013_RoulaTrigou_HOS (16)  Sani_signboards_07.2013_RoulaTrigou_HOS (7) Sani_signboards_07.2013_RoulaTrigou_HOS (11)

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